The Mother of All Boogers

When I was young, I used to imagine that somewhere up my nose was a huge mass of boogers, and that if I could just get the right strand I could unravel the whole thing and get it all out of my system. Then I would never again be troubled by a runny nose or mucus dripping down my throat. If only this were true! If it were, for 4 out of the past 5 months I would have felt much better.

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Yesterday was day 2

I found it fairly easy to stick to the eating plan. I wasn’t hungry enough for breakfast when I got up, so I took some deer jerky, nuts, and dries apples to work, and had them for lunch around 11:00. I successfully resisted the temptation to get something out of the vending machine. For supper I had brined chicken wings and sweet potato chips with homemade, sugar-free ketchup.

I felt sore from Sunday’s climb up Stone Mountain, so no workout yesterday.

Today, Tuesday, day 3: I feel fairly energized this morning. I have not been weighing myself (This is forbidden during Whole 30) so I don’t know if I’m losing weight, but I feel lighter. The bad thing about today is that I have to have lunch with my cow-irkers at a Japanese restaurant, and I don’t know if I can find anything legal on their menu. I will have to make the best choice I can and hope it’s not too illegal.

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Today is Day 1

For those who don’t  know, Whole 30 is a 30-day plan of cutting out all junk from your diet. The details are at For 30 days eat no wheat, dairy, alcohol, or added sweeteners of any kind. Eat real food. That means meat, eggs, vegetables, good fats, and some fruit.

I have a few friends who are doing this or who recently finished it. You can read about their experiences at Reepicheeps’ Coracle and 3 Ring Binder.  I have a few reasons of my own for wanting do do something like this. I realized about 2 months ago that I have gained about 20 lb. over the summer, and I wanted to get rid of it. About that time I also came down with a case of bronchitis that has taken almost 2 months to clear up. I was diagnosed with milk allergies at the age of 11, and feels like the allergy is coming back to haunt me.

A longer-term reason is the fact that I have gained about 60 pounds in the 20+ years since graduating from college. Most of that came in the past 10 years, when I no longer had to meet Navy weight standards. Even discovering Crossfit 3 years ago, and learning about the benefits of healthy fats and less junk in my diet, has not led to losing weight. I snack too much and I’m willing to have “cheat” meals far too often.

I sort of followed Whole 30 last week from  Monday through Friday, but I wasn’t really being committed to it. I cheated this weekend with wine and cheese on Friday, and a few beers last night. So I’m starting over today.

This is not something I want to do for 30 days then forget about it. It’s important to me to make a lifetime commitment to being healthier. Doing this stricter diet for a few weeks is a good start, but it’s only the start. Even if I allow myself a few drinks now and then, or some honey as a sweetener, for the most part I want to keep myself a lot cleaner then I have been doing. Long term I’d like to stick with something like Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint, and if I could come close to looking like Mark does, I would be satisfied with my health and fitness.

So this is where I am right now. Breakfast today was coffee, a Waffle House Fiesta Omelet with no cheese and no toast, and some sausage. I have some plans to make a steak salad tonight, and maybe some fried sweet potato chunks. (Sweet potato is allowed under Whole 30, but not white potato.) At some time today I will get out for some exercise, maybe rowing intervals or even some running. I’m pretty much out of shape after 2 months of bronchitis so I will have to see how well that goes.

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New computer on order

I went ahead and ordered an Asus EEE PC from Amazon. I ordered the basic model, 16GB flash drive, Windows XP. I’m hoping to use it on my occasional travels, and it should satisfy my need to get online when It’s not convenient to carry a full-size laptop.

Ironically, I’m calling a laptop “full-size.”

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One good thing

Something good for today: I have a new laptop at work. My previous one was almost 4 years old and about dead.

This means I have faster boot times, a widescreen display, Core 2 Duo processor, more disk space and memory, etc.. On the downside it means I need to take the afternoon getting software and configuration settings copied over. But even this has a bright side: I can use this as an opportunity to take a close look at a lot of junk that has accumulated over the past 4 years. Do I really need that documentation I downloaded in 2006? Probably not! Can I clean up those bookmarks to applications that are no longer in use? You bet!

I joked that this means I will be non-productive today. But in truth, taking some time to back away and organize things a little will pay off with more productivity in the future.

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As soon as I started this workout routine, I broke it. I went for a nice hike on Sunday at Amicalola Falls. This included going down, up, and back down a flight of 425 steps. I don’t know the vertical extent of the steps but it took me 6 minutes and 30 seconds. At the top, my heart rate recovered from 176 to 140 in 60 seconds.

Yesterday my random workout was stretching. Today it was stretching again, but this evening I decided to do thrusters. I used a 28kg kettlebell and got through 11 minutes plus 11 reps, so if my calculations are correct, that’s 77 reps. The only problem is that a workout like this tends to pump me up – so here I am blogging instead of sleeping.

I plan on doing the Amicalola hike again next weekend, and this time I’m going up the stairs first thing, instead of after a 30+minute uphill hike. I will also wear my combination GPS/heart monitor so I can get some numbers on heart rate and recovery.

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Animals are good

Meat is yummy.

Fur is warm.

Food is necessary to life. So is protection from hostile weather. Protecting yourself from cold and hunger is morally good, and if you do it with class and elegance, even better!

We should praise and honor those who create the steaks we eat. And make them rich by continuing to buy those steaks.

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