Paralette Pushups

My random workout generator came up with parallette pushups this morning. Parallettes are a gymnastics training tool consisting of a couple of bars about 12 inches off the ground. I made mine out of PVC pipe using directions I found on the Crossfit site. Here is the article.

I made it 10 minutes, with 5 extra reps for 60 total. Once again, I’m seeing how the ladder workouts are easy to start with, and rapidly ramp up to failure.

I also skipped breakfast. I asked myself if I felt hungry, and it turned out that I didn’t, so I’m waiting to feel hungry before I eat. I’m sure the 7 slices of bacon at midnight last night, and a couple of glasses of whole raw milk, contributed to my lack of hunger this morning!

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One thought on “Paralette Pushups

  1. Allen

    I am ready to start working out with parallette. Thanks for the article link to make my own. By the way, does milk and bacon really work for you? I’m surprised you didn’t end up with a tummy ache after doing some parallette workouts.

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