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That’s how much was stolen from me in 2007 by the federal government of the United States, and the government of the state of Georgia. This does not include sales tax and property taxes – this number is simply the amount of withholding for income, Social “Security,” and Medicare.

I’m not even wealthy. I’m fairly well-off because I’m single, I have a decent job, and I try not to overextend myself with debt.I’ll get a refund when I file my tax return, but that doesn’t change the fact that the money was kept from me by force. Maybe I will add up all the taxes I can think of – property, sales, income, etc. – once everything is filed and done.

This will not change as long as people expect the government to do stuff for them. I would be in favor of the Fair Tax, except that it tackles a symptom and doesn’t address the fundamental problem. Our culture is the problem, because most people do not understand individual rights. That’s what needs to change.

I’m ranting. I need to stop before I get myself even more pissed off.

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11 Minutes

That’s how long it took to boot up, log in, and get Outlook started this morning. I work in a corporate environment and whatever our MIS is doing to our computers slows them down so much that it takes 11 minutes of waiting, with hourglass screens, to boot up, log in, run startup scripts, and start Outlook.

They’re probably installing corporate spyware and key-logging programs, so someone might be watching what I’m typing right now. Howdy, MIS! 🙂

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I want my document writing software to do exactly what I tell it to do.

Don’t mess around with what I paste into it. (I’m trying to paste some images into a document and write notes for each image, but it’s not working because the images keep disappearing. They’re not removed from the document, they just don’t display.)
Don’t automatically correct things unless I have specifically created autocorrection rules.

If I start typing bullets, don’t guess at some weird autoformatting that I then can’t back out of with the backspace button.

If I select a bunch of text and then delete it, delete all of the invisible formatting too.

OK, end of rant.

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Shortage? What shortage?

There’s a geyser here in Atlanta right next to my office. Obviously not a volcanic geyser as in Yellowstone; it looks like a water main that’s been opened up. I’m not sure why but there are 3 or 4 trucks looking like they’re doing some work there. So it’s an opportunity for sarcasm, just because of the water being thrown skyward here – when the big story is the drought and the fact that Atlanta will supposedly run out of water in less than 80 days.

While I’m at it, I want to point out that there’s no water shortage. None. Nada. The water isn’t being destroyed, or thrown in to space. It’s all still here on Planet Earth, just waiting for creative enterprising individuals to see the potential profit in purifying it, transporting it to where it’s needed, and selling it.

No, there’s no shortage of water. What we have is a shortage of the understanding of reason, freedom, and Capitalism, and it’s being brought home in a very concrete way. And people still don’t get it. The governor of Georgia had a damn prayer meeting about it, instead of doing anything that might actually solve the problem.

You know what I think? People are going to die because of this. Maybe not this year or this drought, maybe not from a water shortage in Atlanta, but if we don’t realize that our survival requires manipulating the environment for the sake of human life, then people will die.

Exploit the earth or die.

I took a picture with my cell phone. I’ll try to upload it. It’s pretty impressive.

Update: Here’s the picture.

Geyser in Atlanta

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They really don’t get it.

I had lunch with a politician yesterday. Well, actually I sat in a room with about 30 people and listened to a state legislator talk about her job. She described herself as “mostly libertarian,” but then a few minutes later described a transportation project that had used eminent domain to acquire rights of way. I would expect a “libertarian” to understand something about property rights. I guess principles can be discarded in favor of a job.

The project she was talking about is “MARTA” – the Atlanta rail/bus system. It is incredibly wasteful of taxpayers’ money, and the service sucks. One more example of something where government should butt out. Is there a market for a transit system? Let a private business build it, buy the property for right of way, and make the profit – or take on the risk of failure.

But if there’s no chance of profit, and no privately run business willing to build a transit system, it’s immoral to have the government do it. And remember, all those wasted millions of taxpayers money – if it were left in the hands of those taxpayers, they would put it to more productive uses. That’s more money in the economy to support a market for lots of goods and services. A profitable rail/bus system with good service is one thing that will be more feasible with a stronger economy.

GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY. Stop bleeding away the lifeblood of the economy. I’m probably wasting my breath, but at least now that I’ve vented I feel better.

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Wendys’ wins!

Last night, after spending some time relaxing at a friend’s house, I decided to stop and get a burger on my way home. I pulled into a Burger King drive-through and waited 2 or 3 minutes but nobody took my order. So I left and went to Wendy’s, where they took my order and had me completed and on my way within 2 minutes of when I got there.

I don’t eat fast food much, unless it’s Chipotle, but next time I’m in the mood for a late-night burger, I’m likely to go back to Wendy’s. Capitalism in operation.

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Too much!

I hereby declare that there are too many kinds of Coke. Coca-Cola. Coke Classic. Diet Coke. Cherry Coke. Coke Zero. Diet Coke with (lemon|lime). Vanilla Coke (yuck). Coca-Cola Blak (barf). etc.

I went to buy “Coke Zero” today and I saw a new one – “Diet Coke Plus.” It’s diet Coke with vitamins and stuff added. What are they trying to do, make Coke into a fitness drink? Hey, people! It’s COLA! Fizzy water with lots of chemicals that tastes good with Jack Daniel’s! If I wanted something HEALTHY to drink, I would have had a glass of TAP WATER!!!

Plus, I was halfway to the register with my 12-pack when I realized I had picked up “Coke Cherry Zero,” not “Coke Zero.”

I’m really tempted to make it a principle of never drinking anything that’s over-produced. Water, beer, and whisky are definitely allowed. Not sure about anything else. I guess I can include fresh-squeezed juice and non-processed milk.

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