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Unix humor

My brain is strange. As evidence, consider the fact of the following. I’m not sure which is worse – that face that I thought to type these, or the fact that I think it’s funny.

$ man god
No manual entry for god.
$ which god
no god in /usr/bin /usr/ucb /etc /usr/local/bin /usr/openwin/bin /usr/sbin . /usr/local/mysql/bin

It’s along the same line as this:

$ make love
make: Fatal error: Don’t know how to make target `love’

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More evidence

Calls in Sudan for execution of Briton

It comes down to this: Religion and faith represent a fundamental rejection of reality and reason. The result is death. I’m not going to go into philosophical depth here – others have done that. But the results are not hard to see for anyone honest enough to look at the news. Look at the history of the past few thousand years if you need more evidence.

Unreason is the root of all evil.

It’s true that some good people are also religious – but their virtue is in spite of their faith, not because of it.

Each of us faces a choice – to follow reason, or not. The course our lives take will result from that choice. Those who choose unreason in any form – faith in god; faith in Marx or Lenin or some other collectivist “leader;” or plain old destructive nihilism – are the enemy of those of us who choose reason. Anyone who consistently follows faith of any sort is a threat to my life.

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I’m a wizard, I guess…

I was doing some work and I realized that the following makes perfect sense to me:

:%s/ *\\| */,/

I guess this is what it means to be a wizard. This is my arcane incantation that makes sense to me but is complete gibberish to the uninitiated.

For the record, here is what this means: Search through the current document. Find the first instance in every line of zero or more spaces, followed by the “pipe” symbol (The vertical line), followed by zero or more spaces; and replace these with a comma.

It must be Friday afternoon when I think of these things. Back to more geek stuff.

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